Weightless movie at Medfish

Check out the review on Medfish.com

“they do it in a style! It is highly recommended for a huge smile at your coffee break!”



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WEIGHTLESS Video showing at BoxUrShorts Festival L.A.




Our short film has been nominated for the BoxUrShorts Festival in Los Angeles 2011.

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WEIGHTLESS Video showing at DANCE:FILM Festival



Our short film has been nominated and is showing for the DANCE:FILM Festival in Edinburgh on November 19th 2011.

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The making of… (part 2) – Filming

We arrived in Dahab, Egypt on a sunny afternoon. The cab driver was not happy, the check points had a strange feel of suspiciousness and we were all tired.

The room we had booked in Dahab was covered by mold and the door could hardly close. We asked kindly to get a new room and after having a cup of something that looked like tea with the owner we agreed to pay a small extra amount to get a room with shower and toilet. It still wasn’t much more than just a room and a broken toilet but it was sufficient, cheap and let’s not forget… it’s Egypt. Now we were set. We had to check the ocean!

Dahab is a small village just by the sea on the Sinai Peninsula. Only 20-30 meters from shore the depth of the water falls drastically to 20-30 meters. Some places even deeper and at the famous Blue Hole the depth drops to an amazing 130 meters inside the hole. Perfect for freedivers.

We took a quick dive at the ‘Light House’ which is just 30 meters from the city shore. The water was quite warm (taking into account it was January) and the visibility perfect. But we were not used to diving deep yet. At home it’s all about diving in a pool in Winter time. So we had to warm up and try to accustom our body to some deeper dives.

Our trip to Egypt was scheduled to take 2 weeks and it wasn’t untill the middle of the trip that we really started feeling comfortable going diving everyday to depths of 20 meters and more consecutively. Some of the first camera takes had a recording length of only 15-30 seconds. The footage was sometimes okay, sometimes overexposed/underexposed and at the same time my lotus position was a big pain. But the longer we worked and the more practice we got it all started to flow and feel more comfortable. After about a weeks time our takes went to a recording length of about 1:00-1:30 and the dives and contractions felt less and less hard. Some of the best takes were done at the end of our trip.

There’s more to making a movie than what you see on the screen. Even though this wasn’t a major production in the sence of actors, lightning, sets and so on we still had to do some behind-the-camera stuff. The right locations took us quite some time to find and not all takes were something we could use. One of the most important roles was safety diver Carl Thomaeus without whom we would never have done this film. He would go with us everyday and make sure our buoy was in the right place, follow me up on longer dives, pull the line up before filming and much more. He even managed to crack his wet suit wide open on his ass while a whole restaurant was watching in the back. That’s dedication! He even placed loose weights inside my wet suit to balance me out in the water. And while using a primitive “slegde” of 2-3 water bottles filled with sand – which would drag me down to the starting point of filmning – he also pulled the sledge weight all the way up again.

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Soundtrack on iTunes

The music for our video WEIGHTLESS – Emotional Freediving has finally reached iTunes and other digital music stores on the net. Just make a search in the iTunes store for: Toni Martin Dobrzanski.

Please buy the soundtrack here and support us in this way  🙂

See you in the water or on YouTube!

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The making of WEIGHTLESS (part 1) – Preparations

It all started with a big discussion around the lunch table at the office:

“Shouldn’t we do something more adventurous? Make a project together. Go travelling!”

We (Christian & Toni) both work creatively on a daily basis but the urge to pursue something more challenging was inspiring. I (Toni) have always wanted to join my passion for freediving with my passion for composing music and working with film. So the thought of doing an underwater projects started to form. But none of us had ever done any underwater filming. Christian has some previous experience with underwater photography but only stills. So we had to take most of it from the start. We needed to supplement our camera equipment with an underwater housing (Ikelite), buy a good looking wetsuit (Orca), and eventually we got Carl persuaded to come with us as safety diver.

But it wasn’t just the practical stuff… we had to have a story! After watching the cool ‘Free Fall’ video on YouTube I felt that Nery had captured exactly what I felt myself while freediving: this enormous feeling of freedom and emotional connection with the sport. What I wanted to do was create a film where that special feeling could be exposed not only for other freedivers but for everyone who would watch it.

One late night while trying to fall a sleep I got an idea! I quickly wrote it down with one eye open and the next day Christian agreed that it was good. He added a great opening to the film and we started doing the storyboard. Needless to say that we had some cool ideas on the storyboard that wasn’t quite doable in the shooting process  🙂


With just a couple of weeks left before our trip we had to get acquainted with the camera underwater and try out some of the things in a pool. We had the opportunity to use the deep pool in ‘Bellahøj Svømmestadion’ were I normally train freediving. After some trial-and-error processes we realized that most of our ideas would probably work. Some – like blowing air rings at 20 m depth and then swim through them at 10 m  – was maybe a bit too eager a plan. We also experienced that the right placement of weights on the body was crucial to what could be done of acrobatic movements. But we got a good impression of how we should do the different scenes and then…. we were good to go!


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Video published on Plongeurs.TV

With just some hours online on YouTube our video WEIGHTLESS – Emotional Freediving has been published on the French Web TV channel Plongeurs.TV


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WEIGHTLESS Video Published on YouTube

Our first project ‘WEIGHTLESS – Emotional Freediving’ has finally been published on YouTube. We ended all the post production on friday and uploaded the video monday.

Watch and enjoy!

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WEIGHTLESS film Nominated at Filmkraft Festival!

Announced today: Our film WEIGHTLESS – Emotional Freediving is one out of 10 nominees at the Filmkraft Festival in Aalborg, Denmark. The festival takes place this weekend on May 7th.

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Film submitted to Film Festivals

We have now submitted our film WEIGHTLESS – Emotional Freediving to the two danish film festivals “Odense International” and “Filmkraft”. We still need to finish up some parts of the music for the final version. The film will be posted to youtube with a link from our video page as soon as we have the music wrapped up.

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